Know Your Designers

You stop at a line of oversized coats at the thrift shop. You’re not surprised to see how colorful and ragged the garments look. Well, they’re supposed to be vintage. But they’re not and the thrift store owner is selling rip-off 5 year old coats that were sewn with lies.

Scenario 1: Your friend was right. The thrift store is living off a lie. Their customers’ naiveness provides for them, or perhaps their inability to tell a fake Dior dress from an authentic one. The men and women have failed to recognize the irregular emergence of the Chanel logo a little to the left of the Chanel bag, instead of being centered. You were fooled. You walk out of the thrift store with a fake vintage coat that didn’t belong to anyone’s ancestor, or even grandmother. It belonged to a liar and now you own it.

Scenario 2: You’re lucky. Your friend was right indeed, the store owner is a crook. They buy for less than they sell, and their apparel is younger than your 2-year old niece. But you’re lucky because the single coat which you pulled by the sleeve to look at, is not a fake. It’s a vintage coat, but you don’t know the designer because its label has been ripped by the collar. Yet, you recognize the fall/winter design which your great great grandmother may have worn around 100 years ago, in a photo you saw in your grandparents’ photo album. So you’re buying a piece of your history back to thread back the fabric that was lost in your family.

The takeaway? Know your designers.

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