Remembering Georgia O’Keeffe and her perception

Georgia O’Keeffe has always been an incredible inspiration to me as an artist and as a woman. Her poise and magical touch of art is irreplaceable, and her work invites endless perceptions. During her life, she has changed and evolved in her paintings, but her firm character is an exemplary model for artists.

Today, 15th of November, is Georgia O’Keeffe’s birthday. I’m always reminded of her stunning works and looks on this day. I take a look at her work with Alfred Stieglitz and try to revive her style of painting every year. What amazes me the most is how soft her work can feel. The Mother of American modernism has truly left us behind a therapeutic legacy.

But I believe the Precisionism brings meaning to our perception when we look at O’Keeffe’s work. Georgia O’Keeffe has mentioned herself, “Paint it big and they will be surprised into taking time to look at it.” Her big flowers flowers with the soft colors really makes me want to touch nature, especially during these times where people can’t be as close as they were.

My favorite works of O’Keeffe are the muted pink and gray paintings of flowers.

What matters to me the most when I look at her paintings is the intimacy with nature. The petals feel so close it’s like I can feel them. The tangibility is what draws me in and then I see the hues, shadows, and highlights that make me stare for a long time.

This year, I decided to paint a piece inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe. I celebrate her with the precision and softness she passed on with her paintings.

Flower and Pearl, 2020, Watercolor on paper, 5 x 7 in.

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