Are sources of inspiration changing in the arts?

It’s getting pretty difficult to keep track of the times. Everyday a new event changes the way we work and live, and for some of us being inspired is part of that change. For me, it has been exceptionally difficult this year to focus on the right sources of inspiration that will fuel my mind for my own art. But there’s no excuse to that. An artist should always feel inspired.

Is it art block or not having access to inspiring resources?

A lot of people confuse these two problems. It’s much different when you have an art block, compared to when you’re just not being fed the art you need. I’ve not been able to go to any of the museums or art galleries I usually go, and I haven’t been traveling for a year. I usually feel most inspired when I’m at these places, but I haven’t had access to any of these resources.

What should I do when I don’t have access to inspiring resources?

It’s difficult to find other ways to feel inspired and motivated, but there are still options out there. Currently, a great friend of mine has been sending me photos of paintings and sculptures that they see when they go to art museums and galleries. I know I will be able to see them after the pandemic, but it has been very helpful for me to breathe the fresh air of art once again.

Another way is to attend virtual art galleries and workshops. Many artists showcase their work this way at the moment. It’s also great to visit some of your favorite art bloggers’ websites to see what they’ve been creating.

What if I still feel uninspired? Are there any other ways out?

The answer is complicated. There are still other ways you can feel inspired indirectly. For example, sometimes I feel inspired to paint after watching a movie or reading a book. It may seem unnatural but it’s not! Movies are just moving pictures, which stimulate the image-making part of our brains with the memories we receive after watching.

But texts can contain imagery too. What’s most unique about this is that each person has their own personalized perception of what the image might look like once they’ve read a poem or novel, or any text that contains imagery. So try it out! Read and discover what you may see and whether you’d like to bring those images on paper.

How do I keep myself inspired for a longer time?

Once you have been inspired, it may be difficult to maintain that state. It’s wise to continue exposing yourself to the sources that get you creating, but it’s also important to be aware of what can grow inside you. There are many things we think of, which may be potential artworks and creations. But sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that creativity must be fueled externally. Keep track of your thoughts, embrace your ideas, and strengthen your vision.

Happy painting!

Painting of pink, violet, and creme flowers both short and tall with a pale pink background.
I painted this using Procreate.

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