Linear continuation

I didn’t begin this year with a new year’s resolution. I’m not one to commit to something when it’s attached to the concept of time. I haven’t tried any 100 day challenges either. But I like to begin everyday with a project that will give me an experience I can build on.

I’ve realized that I’m gradually tiptoeing away from blending colors. My bubble journey toward Fauvism has showed me what I really want to do with my artistic abilities. However, experimenting with an art style sometimes hides the reasons behind an artistic expression. I say that because I’m far from reaching my own unique style that will be firm for the years to come.

In this drawing, I used colored pencils. As I mentioned in my most recent revival, I’m running out of art supplies but I’m not intending on purchasing new ones due to my moving. But I’m still trying to color straight from the tube, or pan, or pencil- if you will. Up to this point, I worked with the rounded brushstrokes with watercolors. It surprised me how much I liked that expression. I liked the way the white paper decorated the colors and round strokes. But this time I thought of something that would continue that decoration differently.

It’s interesting how much a small difference can change the outcome of an idea.

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