Reviving the blank distance between things: the appreciation of a canvas

I’ve embarked on my bubble journey toward Fauvism. It’s easy to get lost in the still life you can create within an art form. I’ve been very appreciative of keeping the white paper untouched with watercolors throughout the years. However, Fauvism has made it even more interesting.

As I’m heavily influenced by Henri Matisse, I’ve spent some time studying his work and the distances between things. The white canvas peaks through the colors stunningly. This reminds me of Paul  Cézanne’s art; the importance of what is left out. But that’s a different story. Henri Matisse doesn’t leave much out, he accentuates it with the white spaces around objects (in addition to the deep blue outlines). For now, I like focusing on the distance between what is portrayed and what is the significance of it.

I’ve been so used to merging objects and landscapes together that sometimes I’ve had to let go of the white spaces I could keep in watercolor paintings. But my experience of painting in Fauvist style has changed that. Everything is in its own place, not touching what’s next to it.

A watercolor painting of a stream in a field of trees.
The Stream, Watercolor on paper, 5 x7, 2021

I did this painting inspired by John Harney’s photograph. He is a wonderful photographer based in Connecticut. I’ve been leaning toward larger areas of colors and less brushstrokes with less water and more color. The presence of white paper makes me appreciate the vibrant colors even more.

This makes me think of the next chapter I will be going toward with Fauvism. Do colors get bolder within this art style?

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