Pierre Boncompain’s flowers living in the modern age

There’s always a freshness to a vase of flowers trapped in a painting. Sometimes it’s the colors, or its the petals, the leaves, the vase, the strokes. Everything can make a difference in the scenery of a flower being displayed, even at the slightest amount. But this particular painting of Pierre Boncompain is one I’d like to analyze.

Pierre Boncompain, Valence, 1938

I’d like to stick with the color palette. It’s a light and monochromatic palette that plays with the hues of the same colors. But the contrast is there. The yellow flowers easily dominate the frame against the white vase and cream surface.

Now what would I do to Boncompain’s flowers if I were to keep them today, and trap them in my own painting? First, I’d take them out of the vase. Not that flowers aren’t in vases anymore, I’d just like to see flowers in petal to stem yellow. What would I do for the background? An unclean contrast. I think the pollution of today would have a place in my painting. And that’s pretty much it. I have a background with a bouquet of flowers; tulips that is.

I did this drawing using soft pastels. I wanted to keep some the contrast between the white color and the yellow from Boncompain’s work. So I left some of the paper untouched.