Trash – New York Edition

Hello art lovers and collectors! Once again I’m back with many surprises. I’ve been developing a new collection of printable artworks titled “Trash.” As I’ve moved to New York City, my new work is centered in the city and the disposal of urban living. The two artworks I’ve shared here are both available for prints in adjustable measurements.

Below you can purchase any piece as prints, but make sure to submit the form as well so I have all information necessary once you make the payment. Thank you for supporting me! ❤

Trash II

Printable artwork: “Trash II” available in measurements: 3×5 inches, 6×10 inches, 9×15 inches, 12×20 inches. Sizes don’t affect prices.



Printable artwork: “Trash” available in following measurements: 4×6 inches, 8×12 inches, 12×18 inches.